Normalize, split, cut, or join compressed audio files; edit tags; automatically split a long broadcast into smaller pieces and tag them.

Total Recorder allows a compressed audio file to be split into smaller parts. It can also cut out parts of an audio file or join two files together. Total Recorder performs all editing operations without decompressing/recompressing the file - another unique feature of the program.

Total Recorder can create and edit tags for those sound formats that support tagging.

It is a good practice to normalize all recordings so the sound level does not jump up and down when you listen to recordings one after the other. A unique feature of Total Recorder is that normalizing an MP3 file can be done without decompressing/recompressing the file.

Another outstanding feature of Total Recorder (available in the Professional and Developer Editons) is the ability to automatically split a long broadcast into individual songs and create a tag for each of them. To facilitate this, Total Recorder can capture information, such as the song title, from a player.