Record sound played by an external device such as a tape player, LP player, portable music player, personal voice recorder, microphone, AM/FM/Sat radio, etc.

One of the great features of the computer sound card is that it allows you to connect an external device to a computer and record sound produced by that device. No extra hardware is required other than an audio cable.

Total Recorder can record from any line of your sound board with ability to listen to audio being captured. This allows you to:

  • Digitize your LP or tape music collection
  • Record your voice with a microphone
  • Record an external AM/FM/Sat receiver
  • Record from any other external device connected to your sound board

You can also use Total Recorder Add-ons to enhance such recordings. For example, the Audio Restoration Add-on is intended to be used for suppressing noise often found in old recordings, as well as suppressing pops, clicks, and crackles. The Automatic Gain Control and Speech Enhancement Add-on is especially efficient for microphone recordings. The Total Recorder Streaming Add-on allows real-time transfer of audio being played back or captured by Total Recorder over a local network or the Internet.

Just download Total Recorder Professional Edition to try the required functionality for free. If you encounter any problems with the trial version of Total Recorder or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Download sofware for recording, converting, editing