What you get with Total Recorder

Total Recorder is one of the world famous leaders in audio recording software.
Buy Total Recorder and you get the following:

  • Easy-to-use and powerful multi-purpose software. Total Recorder records anything coming through a Windows sound card, including streaming audio, and the playback of Internet broadcasts and Internet-telephony conversations. It is also a powerful tool for the processing, converting, and playing of sound. Total Recorder supports RIFF-WAV (including High Quality PCM), MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Audio, and FLAC formats. (See all features list)
  • One step to video recording. The Total Recorder VideoPro Edition lets you capture video from a PC screen, record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as DV camera, web camera, TV-tuner or DVD player, and background record Internet video streams in WMV format
  • Quick path to achieving your goals. We have prepared a number of tutorials to help you to achieve your goals faster. They will familiarize you with various aspects of audio and video recording.
  • Clever Recording Wizard. With Total Recorder's Recording Wizard, you can easily set the proper recording parameters.
  • Free and fast technical support is provided even with the no-cost evaluation version of our products.

Here are just some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers worldwide who have purchased Total Recorder.

Customer Support Testimonials

" Want to record an Internet show that's not a podcast? for $18 Total Recorder offers features not found in free programs like Audacity. My favorite feature is the ability to set up multiple daily and weekly recording schedules. For $36, the Pro version opens the browser to a designated URL. "
--Steve Bass

" Thank you Team. TR is a great program, and I am particularly pleased that I can now download your add-ons."
-- Basil Lee
" The main reason I bought Total Recorder was just to use it for internet recording. I figured if it could do that that its worth the $50-60 bucks that I spent on it. Boy was I in for a shock when I released that it could create cue sheets if a had recorded 3 hours worth of internet radio which by the way, is an awesome feature. I love that total recorder uses its own audio drivers. This makes Total Recorder virtually a standalone music media machine. As you can tell I have nothing but great things to say about your product. I don't know where you found your programmers but they know their stuff and are great testers too. Great Product guys. Thanks. "
--David O'Donnell
" We are cars export company from Germany, we do talk with our overseas customers online using Skype. TotalRecorder is superb software and we are really happy with it. The customer support is very fast to respond to any questions. "
-- Gizaw Export Service
" The Total Recorder Professional Edition software by High Criteria, Inc is, by far one of the easiest, most useful pieces of audio editing software that I've found on the market. I've been using the Total Recorder software for over 5 years both personally and professionally. The ability to quickly alter, cut, paste, enhance, and convert formats of various audio recordings from almost any format to almost any format has made my life tons easier. "
-- Chuck Brooks
" Thank you very much! Your support is absolutely stellar. I have been using Total recorder for about 4 years and every time I have needed assistance you have been prompt and professional. Of course that has only been 2 or 3 times since your product is so easy to use but it is very refreshing to find a company that will actually support their products no matter what. I have always been very pleased that I purchased your lifetime subscription. Thank you for the quality product and service. "
-- Dan Johnson
" Unlike other software companies which charge you 20-50% of the new price every time they add a minor feature and fix some bugs, High Criteria is very generous giving their customer's access to releases with improved functionality. It also seems that they do listen to their customers very well, improving the tool in the right areas. Like the capability to manipulate MP3 without lengthy conversion."
-- Karl N. Kaiser
"I purchased Total Recorder several years ago, which has proven to be an excellent utility for recording audio from the web. However, I recently discovered the program's conversion capabilities to be just as awesome. I downloaded an audio file in .ogg format and was thrilled to discover that High Criteria provides a free add-in, which allowed me to easily convert the file to .mp3. Thanks again for such a great product! "
-- John Hanley

If you would like to send us a product testimonial, comments, or ideas regarding our programs improvement, please e-mail to us at support@highcriteria.com.